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Passions & Hobbies
✨I am an art inclined type of human so acting✨, music✨, dancing✨ and writing✨ have always been on the top of my list. A good song gives me shivers down my spine✨, acting teleports me to another universe, dancing gets me through life and in writing is where my soul is resting.✨
About Me
I am a very passionate creature.✨ A dreamer and a free spirit always searching for the inner self. ✨You will rarely see me without a smile on my face and if you do, just check my tip menu as it's always available *wink wink*✨
Room Rules
❌Respect everyone in the room. I love to live in harmony and if you disrupt this, then it's a "bye-bye" from me. ❌I am a very open-minded person but when I say "No" it really means "No" so don't be pushy. ❌English is required so we can all understand each other. ❌I have no tolerance for free demands. So if you do this you'll either be mocked around or muted. ❌My name is Clara. Not "bb", "bby", "babe" or other aberrations. ❌Keep the dirty talk ONLY in the Tip Notes.
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My time online will be split between: 1. Being home, doing all the crazy and naughty things we wanna do together.❣️ 2. Going outside shopping, eating, having fun, sharing with you my day to day life.❣️ ✨I always have my lush inside when I am out, so you let's vibe our way through the day; make me crazy, but please don't ask for shows while I am in public. ✨The sexy time we keep it for when we are home.


Hi, Clara!✨5
I'm poor but take this✨13
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I don't like you that much ✨15
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Bite my lips✨33
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Smoke a cigarette ✨66
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